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Frequently Asked Questions

Are sessions in person?

Yes! Sessions are in person in Hell's Kitchen, and all sanitary precautions are being followed. Reader will have a mask on at all times during the session.

How long are sessions? If I don't take up the full time I booked can I apply it to my next session?

Sessions start at 30 minutes but you can book up to 2 hours if needed. 

Unfortunately leftover time cannot be applied to a future session. If you booked an hour but only used 30 mins, you will still be charged the hour. 

What do I need to bring with me?

Please bring with you a copy of your sides for the reader!

How will I receive my Self Tape when we are finished?

You will have the takes of your choice Air Dropped and/or WeTransfered to you once the session is finished.

What is your cancellation policy?

*24 hours are required for all cancellations or will result in a fee of half the cost of your session. Please get in touch and we can try to accommodate a reschedule.

What do you shoot on?

We shoot on the iPhone 15 and will either Air Drop and/or WeTransfer your takes to you as soon as the session is finished!

Do you upload to Eco Cast/Actors Access?

Yes. If you need help uploading your tape through your Eco Cast invitation- we've got you! *Please note: you will need to provide us with your login info.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept most forms of payment.

Payment is expected when session is confirmed.

Do you offer virtual sessions?

Yes! If you do not feel comfortable with an in-person session, or if you already have your own setup at home, we offer virtual sessions via Zoom.
This option is great if you have all of your own equipment but need a reader!

Can I bring a reader or guest to my session?

As we will read with you, we ask that actors do NOT bring guests to their sessions unless the actor is a minor who can be accompanied by a guardian.

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