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I am one of those actors who initially found that making a self tape was an extremely stressful experience. However that has completely turned around in every way after working with Erika. I actually enjoy it. From Erika's easy demeanor, professionalism, talent, patience, and technical ability, the tapes I have made are not only what I consider to be a good representation of my work but a pleasure to make. Erika is a master at her craft. I can't recommend her enough!

Katherine Wallach

Midtown Self Tapes was everything I could have asked for. Erika was knowledgeable, helpful, totally professional as a reader, behind the camera and she covers all the bases. A confident and supportive experience. She goes the extra mile. Thank you Erika.

Marcia Haufrecht

I love working on my self tapes with Erika. Her suggestions are always extremely helpful, and she always makes sure that I'm happy with the tape I'm sending in. Highly recommend for all your self-taping needs!

Megan Quinn

Erika at Midtown Self Tapes is wonderful! Her set up is super professional and she is incredibly kind, generous, and wonderful to work with. I will definitely use this service again & recommend her!

Susan Caro

Always happy with the final product! Midtown self tapes is awesome. A great, convenient location in Manhattan! I highly recommend!

Gregg Prosser

Working at Midtown Self Tapes removed the anxiety of the "self tape". Erika is professional and a great reader which creates the environment you need to give your best audition. Choice of backdrop, great lighting, acting tips, and attention to detail--I keep coming back!

Brenda Crawley

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